3 Level Zz Semafor Indicator

This article about using 3 level zigzag ZZ semafor Forex indicator to predict the market trend. This indicator technical focuses on the extreme fluctuation in forex chart. This indicator is different with other indicators like Moving average indicator, RSI Relative Strength Index, Bollinger Bands, and Stochastic Forex indicator. To trade in Forex market we need proper and accurate technical indicators. Trading on the Foreign exchange is very risky. To become a successful Forex trader , we require certain kind indicators like a ZigZag indicator or Moving average indicator.

3 Level ZZ ZigZag Semafor Forex indicator deduces extreme levels of minimum and maximum of the market price on the chart. This Semafor indicator built on the basis of improved indicator Forex Zigzag.
This indicator is modification old zigzag indicator. The old zigzag indicator always runs together with by the market price. In this indicator price level yet will not break through points of first or 2nd previous zigzag semafor indicator. According time, The last zigzag indicator longtime is between 2 previous. 3 Level Zz Semafor Indicator is a simple trading indicator that places semaphore levels on the monimun and maximum, lower and medium period.

This 3 Level ZZ Semafor Forex Indicator used on every timeframe chart. This technical Forex indicator can be trade well in Metatrader 4 chart, actually the trading system is easy, look this picture below :
3 Level Zz Semafor Indicator
You can download this indicator in this link